Reliability & Risk Assessment Laboratory


  • Mr. Jisong Kim

    M.S./Ph.D. Student (2018-2022)

    JSK Photo
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) [February 2018]
    School of Industrial Management and Safety Engineering
    Korea National University of Transportation
    Advisor: -

    Language: English, Korean, Japanese
    Topic: Earthquake Warning System using deep learning
  • Mr. Jeremiah Mbazor

    Ph.D. Student (2016-2019)

    Jeremiah Photo
    Master of Science (M.S.) [2016]
    Nuclear Power Plant Engineering
    Kepco International Nuclear Graduate School
    Advisor: Prof. David Kessel

    Language: English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Korean
    Topic: Development of Advanced Mechanical Systems for Monitoring and handling Chemical/Biological Disaster
  • Mr. Dody Darsono

    Ph.D. Student (2015-2018)

    Dody Photo
    Master of Science (M.S.) [2010]
    School of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Indonesia
    Advisor: -

    Language: Indonesia, English
    Topic: Bridge life-span extension using ICT, partial replacement and low-carbon materials (ICT bridge)
  • Mr. Park Kyeong Taek

    M.S. Student (2015-2017)

    PKT Photo
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) [February 2015]
    School of Urban and Environmental Engineering
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
    Advisor: -

    Language: English, Korean
    Topic: Bridge life-span extension using ICT, partial replacement and low-carbon materials (ICT bridge)
  • Mr. Fritz Sihombing

    M.S./Ph.D. Student (2013-2019)

    Fritz Photo
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) [January 2009]
    Department of Agricultural Engineering
    Padjadjaran University, West Java, Indonesia
    Advisor: Dr. H. Wagiono

    Language: Indonesia, English, Korean
    Topic: Analytical fragility curves of buildings subject to tsunami
  • Mr. Christian Egli

    Internship (summer 2014)

    Christian Photo
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) [2014]
    Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
    Advisor: Prof. Eberhard Morgenroth

    Language: German, English, Italian
    Topic: large scale simulation of tsunami propagation using smooth particle method (SPH) and GPU computing
  • Mr. Hame Dhar Dwivedi

    Internship (summer 2014)

    Hame Photo
    Bachelor of Science (B.S.) [2015]
    Jaypee University Of Engineering & Technology
    GUNA, M.P., India

    Language: Hindi, English
    Topic: Development of stochastic subspace identification (SSI) method for structural health monitoring on GPGPU platform

  • The laboratory is recruiting graduate students, feel free to send an email to me (Marco) at

  • Ph.D. spots are open in current funded research projects, check the research page.
  • Ph.D. spots are open for other projects awaiting funding, send me an e-mail for questions.
  • Undergraduate students can apply for available spots in current research projects that do not require any graduate level preparation

  • P.S.: In every case, a brief resume attached to the email is appreciated.

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